crowd rant.

[By Terry on 18/06/2015 with 0 Commments]

This might be the onset of me officially become a grumpy old guy but I can live with that. When I see people "crowd sourcing" online to record their CD I think about the guy begging with a paper cup I gave some change to today. He was crowd sourcing too. He was just more honest about it. Here's how you do it. Play gigs, work at some shitty fast food place on the side if you have to. The gigs you play will slowly develop you as a performer if you have it in you. Do the usual shuffle of forming and reforming new bands with better and better players until you actually don't suck anymore. Learn to use some computer program like Cubase or pay for studio time after you've saved your own money then. Whatever. Thinking you can skip all this is for dilettantes who will, deservedly, be boring their office colleagues with stories of their wild days in rock and roll after it becomes plain to everyone except their mother that the CD sucked, 500 of which you couldn't even give away are still sitting in a box in your closet. Have some respect for the art and profession of music and yourself. Thank you. I feel better.

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Updates and random notes

[By Terry on 03/02/2019 with 0 Commments]

   Next week I'm working on making new episodes of "The Lowdown" in advance of my spring tour of the American Pacific Northwest. These will be posted one at a time while I'm on tour. While I'm on the road I plan to interview interesting people I meet along the way. When I get home I'll edit these into future episodes. The pleasure of doing this vlog is to shine a little light on the interesting, seldom examined aspects of doing music professionally. The world is full of people simply doing their jobs daily mixing sound, driving a tour bus, etc. I plan to talk to them. Stay in touch.

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