How to order a Terry Lee Burns CD.

[By Terry on 07/05/2017 with 0 Commments]

Here are some online links that work best for anyone outside of Europe. Within it's better to simply contact me and I will ship from Germany.

To order the 2016 CD "Oblivia"

"The Lowdown", released in 2014 can be found at

The cost is 10$ online and 10€ within the EU from me.

The new CD should be complete by the end of June, 2017.

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New CD is out plus....

[By Terry on 28/06/2016 with 0 Commments]

"Oblivia" is done. It took 2 years to complete in it's ultimate form. I was recording new songs and a few months later deciding I didn't think the arrangements were exactly right so I shelved some and rerecorded others. At the end of the process I listened over and over looking for things I didn't like until ultimately I liked everything. My criteria was simple. If this were someone else's album how often would I listen to it. I have spotify which means I have access to almost everything that's ever been recorded at my fingertips. That was my benchmark. "Oblivia" is, for me, good enough to stand in that company. Some ego, right? No. Every artist in any genre has to use some form of this idea to do their best work. Whether time validates this is the question. We will see.

 "Oblivia" is my third CD. "The prior CD, "The Lowdown" still gives me pride so that one is still available. The first was a learning experience. I was still learning how to do my own recording and you can hear that so I pulled it. The songs were ok but the recording wasn't. I played it too safe, arranging things to suit the music I heard around me rather than the music I heard in my head. Trying too hard for success in my line of work pretty much assures failure. Music fashion is constantly shifting but the distant sound that keeps pulling me forward is consistant. Now that is all I listen too. I make music for me and hope I am not alone in my enjoyment. Fuck it. Whatever happens happens and at least I can be proud of my work.

Which brings me to the present. As I was mixing "Oblivia" I began writing again, possibly as a counter point to the repitition of listening repeatedly to the same songs and tweaking the bass here and drums there in the mix it unleashed a little wave of creativity. I revisited a few songs from the deleted first CD, a few newer ones that didn't seem to fit "Oblivia" so weren't included plus several new ones from the last month or so and discovered 14 songs I liked. I am not going to take 2 years on this one. In August I am assembling my best friends in the studio and we are going to slam this new CD. I will narrow it down to 10 or 11 songs probably but it could be I record all of them. We are going into the rehearsal studio and do all the rhythm sections in 2 or 3 nights (my guys work fast and well) and then do overdubs for a week so this project should be complete within 2 weeks of it's inception. There's more but for now this is the news from lovely downtown Fürth, Deutschland except to say if you want a copy of "Oblivia" or "The Lowdown" you know where to find me. Cheers, Terry

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