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Work on a new CD is going well. So far maybe about 50% along. I recorded a few of these songs on my old recorder before upgrading to the Korg D3200. In the end when I listened something wasn't right so I scrapped the tracks and started again. On the plus side it wasn't wasted effort because as the few months between starting out then and now I managed to write a few new songs I might not have written otherwise

.It's odd but when I am recording I usually am not writing. It's how that old right brain/left brain theory I believe in works. Recording is, in the end, a technical thing. There is creativity but mostly it comes down to mic placement and sorting between various takes for the one that comes closest to taking the song where I want it to go. I work with very good musicians so no track is bad. It comes down to which one works best for the song. Anyway that process seems to shut off the writing part of my brain until The CD is safely put to bed and I start to think about the next one. So now, after writing 3 new songs in the down time, I have about 15 songs of which I will probably use maybe 12. The remaining ones will either be recycled for the next CD or just left to live in my notebook. Like most writers I pivot between the belief I can write better stuff in the future and the fear I will someday come back to the well and find it has gone dry. So I don't throw anything away. You never know.

With this one though I have strong new material to work with and good musicians around to help me tease out the right arrangement. Recordingwise I have 3 songs with rhythm guitar, bass and drums + 3 more almost complete lacking only drums + 2 more in a more simple mode, mostly just acoustic guitar and vocal, complete. Hopefully the entire project will be complete in late September. I now have a firm idea what I want the overall sound of the CD to be and that makes every other choice much easier. So now my schedule is to play gigs weekends and record during the week. Between the 2 life is big enough for me. Between these things and hanging out with friends swilling cold beer and cursing the hot German summer life is happening quite nicely. I hope yours is too.

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How to order a Terry Lee Burns CD.

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Here are some online links that work best for anyone outside of Europe. Within it's better to simply contact me and I will ship from Germany.

To order the 2016 CD "Oblivia"

"The Lowdown", released in 2014 can be found at

The cost is 10$ online and 10€ within the EU from me.

The new CD should be complete by the end of June, 2017.

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