New CD is about ready.

[By Terry on 21/05/2016 with 0 Commments]

So I've been recording for the last year working on this new CD. I've done about 14 songs trying to get it right. That means the right songs recorded the right way. The temptation is to continue the way I have always which, in retrospect, meant too much. The way it works is I record every idea that the players I bring in come up with thinking at the end of the process I will simply eliminate what doesn't work. In reality I end up falling in love with almost everything and using almost everything. On "The Lowdown", my previous CD I did better than I have in the past but still I think some of the arrangements were a bit busy. This new one is closer to my ideal. It isn't really simple but sounds like it. What happened is that I have 6 songs that I've listened to over and over taking away or diminishing parts until it was too bare and returning enough to be what I hope is right. The as of yet titled CD will be ready in the next week after I redo a vocal and correct the mix on another couple songs. I have a nice gig in Berlin at Artliners on June 2 which is going to function as basically a CD release evening. I'll probably burn some CDs to hand out. If you want a copy send me a message here and we will work something out. I have 6 more songs that I haven't done anything with that I hope to get out a lot faster than this 6, hopefully sometime this summer. All the best, Terry

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