Happy New Year

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Things are cold here on Fürth, Germany. Winter is busy with gigs and rehearsals with Blutpumpe & The Iron Shirt for the April Romanian tour. We will be doing live YouTube videos later on in February and March to promote the tour. Between their schedules and mine it's not simple finding a time when all 5 of us can meet but we manage. This is the first band I've worked seriously with in 10 years. After so many years of band life in the USA I felt like I was getting out of the military when I finally managed to be able to make a living with just myself and a guitar. Sometimes I missed the fun of playing with others onstage but never enough to give up my new freedom. Musicians tend to be complicated people leading complicated lives. I am complicated enough by my self not to need someone else's messy life making things worse. This situation is better though. These guys were my friends before we became musical partners. That is still the main feeling, making music with friends. We have the upcoming tour to test that but I suspect it will be ok. Road life is quite comfortable for me as long as it doesn't become my only life. I hope the band enjoys the travel, gigs and crazy shit that comes with the package as much as I do.

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New Video "If You Don't Want Me" online now

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We went into the Flatted Fifth last night when the bar was closed. We recorded 3 songs with the club owner and his group then I did this one. Recorded on my iPad so any technical failings can be explained but I have to say I kinda like this Low Fi thing. Paulo and Freddy only learned the song a few minutes before we recorded this video but settled into it immediately. A few more minutes to get a basic arrangement and it was time to record. We did a pretty good first take but thought we could do better. 2nd take I screwed up. Third attempt was the charm. Enjoy.

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