New Video "If You Don't Want Me" online now

[By Terry on 29/10/2014 with 0 Commments]

We went into the Flatted Fifth last night when the bar was closed. We recorded 3 songs with the club owner and his group then I did this one. Recorded on my iPad so any technical failings can be explained but I have to say I kinda like this Low Fi thing. Paulo and Freddy only learned the song a few minutes before we recorded this video but settled into it immediately. A few more minutes to get a basic arrangement and it was time to record. We did a pretty good first take but thought we could do better. 2nd take I screwed up. Third attempt was the charm. Enjoy.

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Romanian tour news and work on the upcoming CD

[By Terry on 04/05/2017 with 0 Commments]

After a calm winter things are getting busy. The drums and bass tracks are in for the upcoming CD. These tracks are now in the capable hands of the keyboard player. He the same guy who played on and mixed my 2014 CD "The Lowdown". I didn't ask him to play on "Oblivia", the next one but probably should have. At the time I was thinking I wanted a more simple sound but in retrospect I think Uli could have been good at simple too. After I meet with him on 15/5 we turn will turn everything over to Günes Sensoy sometime after the 20th to make the guitar tracks. A departure here is that a friend and amazing bassist is helping me produce it. That means we discuss what each song needs and how best to make it happen. It's nice to work with someone with opinions and ideas.

All this is happening as I pull together a tour of Romania in June. We are playing in the South first,  1 week, 5 gigs. then we return a few weeks later and play in the North. I will be posting the schedual here and on FaceBook. Rehearsals for that tour will probably take place in Bucharest a few days before the tour begins. Günes has found us good Romanian rhythm section for this tour but it still takes a few days in the rehearsal studio to get a complete show down, particularly when you play original songs.

So life is busy right now but that's good. Busy enough not to be bored but no much as to be crazy. More news here as the tour dates are confirmed and the new CD progresses.



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