Babble On, track 3, Margaritas By The Pool

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"Babble On" track 3

The people I bring in to record are on my stuff usually have an area they excel at but beyond that or something pretty close they're not perfectly on top of it. One thing they do all share is that they play better than me. That's why I need them. I call players for songs I think they can be comfortable inside. Yesterday On “Margaritas By The Pool” it had to Mike Stringbender. He's not crazy but he knows how to get there. I still love that slab of guitar madness.

Today it's “Self Inflicted Blues”. I'm a fan of Mose Allison. Think of him as the jazz piano equivalent of JJ Cale. His big paychecks were from covers of his songs. Check him out. This one is me coming at his style, from a distance. The Anni & Freddy backing vocals are part of this whole jazzy 50's vibe.

Andreas Vornehm played keys & electric guitar on “Self Inflicted Blues”. I hear he prefers being a drummer. Anastasia Kosti sang backing vocals with Freddy Dathe who also played bass.

So Day 3 of The 11 Day of Terry continues. “Self Inflicted Blues”

Self Inflicted Blues

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Babble On track 2, "Margaritas By The Pool

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Creatively we're supposed to “think out of the box” but suppose you like your box?

JJ Cale had a cool box, Bob Marley the same. I'm glad they played in theirs. “Margaritas By The Pool” is so far from my box I doubt it's even in sight but I'll get back eventually.

After posting “Bob Ross” here yesterday, today it's track 2 of “Babble On”. We're getting into it with “Margaritas By The Pool”. Oddly as some of “Margaritas” is constructed (find the 1 beat a few measures into the intro) it feels both normal & wrong, which is the point.

I mixed sarcasm (stay with your strengths), a Wagnerian orchestra bit cycling a 3 chord quarter note sequence into 4/4 time so the 2nd chord of the repeated passage is the first beat in measure 2, etc.(There'll be a test later), big toms & kick drum + the rudest guitar solo possible while still in tune.

Thanks to Mike for superbly manic guitar work. Freddy Dathe played bass & sang vocal harmonies, including the one at the end that climbs so high only your dog will appreciate it fully.

Wednesday (21:00 Berlin/12:00 San Francisco) this one disappears like a politician's promises. “Self Inflicted Blues” will replace it. More on that tomorrow.

Today, written by Freddy Dathe & myself, here's 1 minute & 55 seconds you'll never get back again. The 2nd track from my 3rd CD, “Babble On” This is “Margaritas By The Pool”.

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