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It's funny about CDs. We all want our work out there like seeds that blow in the wind and sprout in unexpected places. We also want to sell enough not to have to get a real job. So I don't give CDs away much, but for a different reason. I don't think people listen to something they didn't value enough to pay for. That's been my experience. So why add to the stack of ignored dusty CDs we all have somewhere? 

Songs mostly end up as MP3s on someone's devise so CDs inhabit an odd place now. I will continue to make them though. It's not a particularly bright business move because I am primarily a writer. My musical skills are ok but not outstanding. I write songs. The interesting thing is watching if & where they sprout. 

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Welcome to my bubble

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These days it feels like everything outside is in flux. Inside my wife & I are navigating this pandemic reality like everyone else, as best we can. A silver lining for me was the impetus to do something productive at home so I recorded the rest of the songs left unrecorded from the 6 I did pre Covid. It saved what I call my sanity.

11 songs ended up on the record. I wrote 9 of them. Freddie cowrote one with me & Monica Laura wrote one, “Transilvania”. Monica wrote this at the tail end (the mixing) of an album we recorded of her material about 10 years ago, too late to include. I knew at some point I'd do something with it, had to. I couldn't let it disappear. She wrote it living in Germany missing home in Romania so it's kinda sentimental. Not me but I tried to inhabit it. Luckily the writer likes it.

So sometime next week I'm posting all 11 songs on Facebook & here. It will be up for a day, deleted & replaced by the next track, etc. It's called THE 11 DAYS OF TERRY!!! The 3 exclamation marks might be excessive. I get that. I'm doing this so the people who have interest in my new record can hear it one song at a time. A musical strip tease if you will.

I'm doing a specialized video for each song for friends with notes about the players and such. After this I'll do another for wider exposure (people I don't know). One exception; Monica Laura is making the video to "Transilvania". That will stay up.

Stray nonmisical thought. If you're on the internet being sucked into that weird up is down world so you're pissed off all the time look outside your own  window. There are assholes & nonassholes. Concentrate on that & it gets simpler. Chill the fuck out. Everyone not exactly like you is not out to get you. They want to get on with their life in a fairer world, just like you. Don't be a tool.


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