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Sept. 14      Portland, Oregon      Kouzina

Sept. 15      Salem                       Space Concert Club

Sept. 16      Portland                   Firkin Tavern

Sept. 19      Portland                   Ladd Taphouse

Sept. 20      Portland                   Ascendant Beer Co.

Sept. 21     Hood River                Slopeswell Cider

Sept. 25     Bremerton, Washington         Dugout

Sept. 26    Everett                       Lazy Boy Brewing

Sept..27    Bremerton                  Deep Draft Brewing

Sept. 28    Seattle                        Outlander       

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Back from the America

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It was a pleasure being back in the Pacific Northwest for a 10 date tour.  I met a lot of other musicians that I enjoyed. The music scene is good there. More music more often as far as I could figure out in the brief time I was there. Still it was pretty fine touching down in Amsterdam on the way back home, spending Euros again, even if on a freeze dried airport ersatz English breakfast after those big, beautiful American (3 eggs, hash browns, bacon & toast) breakfasts at Denny's up & down Interstate 5. 


So I'm busy booking shows for the rest of the year and 2020. If you own a pub & your phone is ringing it's probably me. The rest of you? I hope to see soon. I've got a new bunch of songs I want you to hear..

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