Babble On, Track 6, Annie & Rocky

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Track 6 from “Babble On”, “Annie & Rocky”

About a year ago I recorded a 6 song EP. “Annie” is from those sessions. We went to a studio to record rhythm sections live then spent another couple months in my living room doing the overdubs.

Some people have it a lot harder hooking up with their like. If you're a little or a lot unusual you gotta find someone odd in the same way & to the same degree. And they have to want you too. Luckily there's dive bars & the internet but for Annie & Rocky it happened a little differently.

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Babble On, Track 4

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Track 4 from “Babble On”. “There's A Light At The End Of The Day”

Some songs take a half hour to write. This wasn't one of those. Freddy has notes on this from 6 years ago as I wrote & rewrote. It took a while to come into focus. I wanted to give a little reassurance, which can be tricky without being oblivious or glib. Every thing will be fine? What if it isn't?. Some days just surviving is winning.

Tomorrow night here it's “Transilvania”. Monica Laura is Romanian & wrote this as a homesick expat living abroad. She also created the video using pictures of Transilvania & the Carpathian Mountains. It's so pretty I almost forget all the obstacles that make touring there nearly impossible. The audiences are great. They get it. They listen. Still I always end up going through customs on the way home wondering “where'd the money go”? So I don't. I can still miss it though. That's tomorrow, Friday night at 21:00 Berlin, 15:00 Nashville & 12 noon Los Angeles.

“There's a Light at The End Of The Day”.

Save it. Put the MP3 in your devise. Next time you're stuck somewhere & you're getting ready to lose it play this song. Think of it as audio medication that will pass a random urine test.

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