Track 10, Fall Like Rain

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Track 10 from “Babble On”, “Fall Like Rain”.

This was one of the songs Mor Mai & I recorded pre-Covid. It uses a live full band which I wasn't able to do soon after getting this one done. The song channels my Brian Wilson approach to song writing. That means it evolves in front of you with stuff at the end not hinted at the beginning. In short I like unexpected endings. Check out the last 30 seconds of “Margaritas By The Pool” for an extreme example.

Tomorrow "April, A Long Time Ago" is the last track to drop here from "Babble On". I wanted to tell a more complex story than you can do in 3 verses & a chorus. Hank Williams' alter ego, Luke the Drifter", released spoken word stories over music. I adapted that idea to my stories and my music. All three of the records (Oblivia, The Lowdown, Babble On) have a story song. This one is about a brief affair. Tomorrow...

Today. “Rain” is about finding love & possibly a little growth. It's your basic “I used to be an asshole but now I'm better” song.

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The Amazement of George video

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I posted it on YouTube but made it private. If you're interested in another story song this is it.

I was sitting in an airport lounge eating the airport version of an English breakfast. Most of the tables were full when I saw a young woman carrying a tray of food. She looked hopefully at the seat next to me and the irate elderly lady she was trying to assist. I nodded yes as the sweet looking old lady said loudly, “Just put the fucking thing down somewhere!” in this very posh British accent. It was unexpected. The girl looked shocked, dropped the tray next to me and hurried off. Turned out the lady was retired & intent on seeing all the interesting places she'd read about in the Times travel section. It was a long conversation. I found out when I went to the cashier she'd paid for my breakfast too. It almost resuscitated my faith in humanity. She became the model for my fictional fairy godmother.

George receives more than an airport English breakfast. He's offered something that can change his everything. George's story is told with music. Think of it as 8 minutes of semi-dancable fiction for attention challenged people.

As always with my story songs; I advise you kick back with headphones, something relaxing at hand & let a few minutes of grown up story time roll by.

Gunes Sensoy played the beautiful electric guitar solos.

“The Amazement Of George”

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