Track 10, Fall Like Rain

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Track 10 from “Babble On”, “Fall Like Rain”.

This was one of the songs Mor Mai & I recorded pre-Covid. It uses a live full band which I wasn't able to do soon after getting this one done. The song channels my Brian Wilson approach to song writing. That means it evolves in front of you with stuff at the end not hinted at the beginning. In short I like unexpected endings. Check out the last 30 seconds of “Margaritas By The Pool” for an extreme example.

Tomorrow "April, A Long Time Ago" is the last track to drop here from "Babble On". I wanted to tell a more complex story than you can do in 3 verses & a chorus. Hank Williams' alter ego, Luke the Drifter", released spoken word stories over music. I adapted that idea to my stories and my music. All three of the records (Oblivia, The Lowdown, Babble On) have a story song. This one is about a brief affair. Tomorrow...

Today. “Rain” is about finding love & possibly a little growth. It's your basic “I used to be an asshole but now I'm better” song.

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Track 9 I Found Love

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Track 9 from “Babble On”. I Found Love.

This is an old school R&B ballad with sax solos, backing vocals & everything I could throw at it to get that sound. Mor Mai & I produced it. If you think it's a little over the top you should hear this stuff I wanted to add. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

This is that wonderment of suddenly finding yourself loving someone who loves you back. It's that great pleasure & relief. It deserves sax solos & big backing vocals. At least.

Alex Hoepfl played sax,   Erhard Huegel   the electric guitar fills & Freddy Dathe played bass + singing backing vocals. I tried to channel Solomon Burke's voice. I'm not sure he's happy with me right now if he's checking in from the afterlife but we work with what we're given.

“I Found Love”.


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