New CD nearly done.

[By Terry on 08/06/2020 with 0 Commments]

The recording part of the new CD is nearly complete. I'm still working on a title but leaning towards "Square Pegs, Round Holes". We'll see. This is my best work so far. I know every artist says this way about their newest project but in this case I believe it is. Time will tell. There's still mastering & cover art to do. Due to the Corona virus earlier I wasn't previously able to meet with outside players to record beyond a couple of friends. Lately things have relaxed a bit here in Bavaria so I finally got some of the missing parts recorded. 


Truth is I truly have little logical reason to make CDs. They are a bit of an anacronism aren't they? I'm told the days when someone sat down & listened to an entire record, track after track, are over. I suspect this is partially true but there is a minority of people who will. For the others the songs will be cherry picked for immediate appeal then converted to MP3s & moved to phones, etc. The only problem I have with this is some songs jump out at you at first listening but others are more complex. Is that songwriterish for not as good? No. The criteria for choosing these 11 songs was if this were the only song a new listener ever heard of mine would I be ok with that? I would.






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Back from the America

[By Terry on 04/10/2019 with 0 Commments]

It was a pleasure being back in the Pacific Northwest for a 10 date tour.  I met a lot of other musicians that I enjoyed. The music scene is good there. More music more often as far as I could figure out in the brief time I was there. Still it was pretty fine touching down in Amsterdam on the way back home, spending Euros again, even if on a freeze dried airport ersatz English breakfast after those big, beautiful American (3 eggs, hash browns, bacon & toast) breakfasts at Denny's up & down Interstate 5. 


So I'm busy booking shows for the rest of the year and 2020. If you own a pub & your phone is ringing it's probably me. The rest of you? I hope to see soon. I've got a new bunch of songs I want you to hear..

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