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Sept. 14      Portland, Oregon      Kouzina

Sept. 15      Salem                       Space Concert Club

Sept. 16      Portland                   Firkin Tavern

Sept. 19      Portland                   Ladd Taphouse

Sept. 20      Portland                   Ascendant Beer Co.

Sept. 21     Hood River                Slopeswell Cider

Sept. 25     Bremerton, Washington         Dugout

Sept. 26    Everett                       Lazy Boy Brewing

Sept..27    Bremerton                  Deep Draft Brewing

Sept. 28    Seattle                        Outlander       

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Updates and random notes

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   Next week I'm working on making new episodes of "The Lowdown" in advance of my spring tour of the American Pacific Northwest. These will be posted one at a time while I'm on tour. While I'm on the road I plan to interview interesting people I meet along the way. When I get home I'll edit these into future episodes. The pleasure of doing this vlog is to shine a little light on the interesting, seldom examined aspects of doing music professionally. The world is full of people simply doing their jobs daily mixing sound, driving a tour bus, etc. I plan to talk to them. Stay in touch.

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