"Babble On"

[By Terry on 13/09/2020 with 0 Commments]

Welcome to day one of the 11 days etc. This is “Babble On” track by track.

“Bob Ross” is the first song. It's kinda like shaking hands and making a joke before saying what you really think. Oddly, I'm not widely known for fun but this one should change all that.


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B flat & "Bob Ross"

[By Terry on 07/09/2020 with 0 Commments]

I've been playing guitar a long time. In all that time I have been avoiding B flat in first position. if it comes up I rekey the song so I don't have to play B flat. Sometimes the song would sing best in that key but I still moved it. No more. I have a new song that has B flat about every other chord. It's killing me trying to make it look easy. Getting my index finger quickly over that first fret tightly enough that when my other fingers close over the rest of the chord a nanosecond later it sounds smooth. This is how I will conquer B flat.  Good luck with your B flats

"Bob Ross" is making it's public debut tonight online. This one was a gift, pretty much wrote itself. Those tend to be the good ones. Check it out.


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